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Celtic Mahjong is a celtic-themed variant of the classic mahjong. This game provides multiple levels with multiple layouts. Try to clear the layout as fast as possible by matching identical tiles, and make your way up on the leaderboard! Note that you can match identical images with a different colour on the tiles.

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Celtic Mahjong rules

  • Game type: Regular Mahjong Solitaire
  • Theme: Celtic
  • Tiles: Tiles with Celtic symbols
  • Time limit: No limit
  • Release date: May 2008


The tiles in this version contain celtic symbols. They come in all colours and often the same symbol is displayed with a different colour on another tile. These tiles are still seen as ‘identical’ and can thus be matched.


You have to select two identical tiles to make them disappear. Your objective is to clear the entire layout as fast as possible.

You can only select a tile if it is not blocked from the left or the right. Please note again that tiles with the same symbol in a different colour can be matched!

Time Limit

There is no time limit in this game. However, your score depends on how fast you can clear the layout.


As mentioned before, the score depends partly on how fast you can clear the layout. Additionally, using the ‘Hint’ button will make you lose points.


You can simply select the tiles by clicking on them.

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