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Mahjongg Dimensions is a well-known 3D Mahjong game. This matching game was developed by Arkadium. You have to match free blocks to remove them, instead of tiles like in the regular mahjong game. A block can be matched if there is no block to its left or to its right. Time is limited, so play fast to complete as many levels as you can before the time limit is reached.

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Mahjongg Dimensions rules

  • Game type: 3D Mahjong
  • Theme: Futuristic
  • Tiles: Blocks with symbols
  • Time limit: Yes
  • Developer: Arkadium


Because it is a 3D mahjong game, Mahjongg Dimensions uses blocks instead of tiles. The blocks have futuristic symbols on their sides.


The essence of the game is similar to our regular mahjong game: matching pairs of identical blocks (instead of tiles). Blocks can only be matched if there is no block to their right or left.

A level is completed when all blocks are removed.

Time Limit

Mahjongg Dimensions has a time limit of 5 minutes and 50 seconds. Within this time, you have to race against the clock and try to complete as many levels as you can.


You get a score for each match you make. This score can be increased significantly by the combos in Mahjongg Dimensions, giving you bonus points:

  • Speed Match: If you make two matches within 3 seconds, you get a Speed Match combo doubling your score.
  • Multimatch: If you match the same symbol two times in a row, you get a Multimatch combo multiplying your score by five.

For completing a level, you get an additional level bonus: 1,000 * level number.


Mahjong Dimensions is one of the mahjong games developed by Arkadium, released in June 2009. Other games they developed are Mahjongg Candy, Mahjongg Dark Dimensions and Mahjongg Alchemy.

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Use the mouse to select and match blocks. Or when playing on mobile, tap them.

There is a pink shuffle button at the top of the game, this allows you to rearrange the tiles once per level.

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