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Butterfly Kyodai is a mahjong connect game with colourful butterfly wings on the tiles. Match the butterfly wings so the butterflies can fly away from the board. When you are stuck, you can ask a hint (three times) or reshuffles the board (three times). The time available to complete a stage in this puzzle game is limited, shown at the top left. After a successful match of two identical tiles, the time left increases slightly.

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Butterfly Kyodai rules

  • Also known as: Butterfly Connect
  • Game type: Shisen-Sho (Mahjong Connect)
  • Tiles: Butterfly wings
  • Time limit: Yes
  • Developer: Azerion


Butterfly Kyodai uses tiles with colourful butterfly wings. Dream Pet Link is a similar game but has cute animals on the tiles.


Butterfly Kyodai is a Shisen-Sho game using the same rules as Mahjong Connect. Identical tiles can be matched by a path consisting of at most three parts (two angles).

Remove all butterflies to complete a stage.

Time Limit

There is a time limit in Butterfly Kyodai, shown at the top left. It is important to play fast so you avoid running out of time. Every match you make increases the time you have slightly.


Butterfly Kyodai is developed by Azerion.


Use the mouse to select and match tiles.

There is a hint button and a reshuffle button. You can use them three times each.

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