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A nicely made version of this classic tile pairing game.

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Mahjong Classic rules

  • Game type: Mahjong Solitaire
  • Tiles: Traditional tiles
  • Time limit: No
  • Developer: Mahjong Heaven


As you'd expect there are no surprises when it comes to the rules. Simply select an open pair of identical tiles and they are removed from the game. A tile is open if it can be moved either left or right without disturbing other tiles.

All 4 flower tiles are considered to be matchable and act as though they are identical. This is also the case for the 4 season tiles.

While playing you have a total of 3 hints, undoes and shuffles for any given level. Also unlike some versions this one makes sure there are only 4 tiles of each type in every level. This means that you are always able to remove 2 pairs of the same tile without worrying that it may block a move later.