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Match is a popular and very challenging card game. Look for the matching tiles and exercise your logical abilities!

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Match rules

Match is a game originally invented by the geneticist Marsha Falco in 1974, named «Set».


There are 81 tiles varying in four features:

  • number (one, two, or three)
  • size (large, medium, or small)
  • shading (solid, brightened, or open)
  • color (red, green, or blue)

Each tile (card) is unique.


The objective of the game is finding the four hidden sets among twelve random tiles. A matching set consists of three tiles which fulfill all of these conditions:

  • They all have the same number, or three different numbers.
  • They all have the same size, or three different sizes.
  • They all have the same shading, or three different shadings.
  • They all have the same color, or three different colors.

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