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Find the matching pairs of tiles and remove them in this simple mahjong game.

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Master Qwan's Mahjongg rules

  • Game type: Mahjong Solitaire
  • Tiles: Traditional tiles
  • Time limit: Yes, 20 minutes
  • Developer: Zygomatic


The tiles used in this mahjong puzzle game are the traditional mahjong tiles.


Find the pairs and remove them in this classic mahjong game. Progress through each level to see the varied tile layouts.

This game follows the standard rules of mahjong. Find matching pairs and remove them. Remove all mahjong stones from the board and you win!

Removing the tiles is only allowed when they are open and identical. Tiles are open when they have a free left or right side. The rule about combining identical tiles in pairs doesn't count for flower tiles and season tiles, they can be matched with any other tile in the group.

Time limit

The time to complete a board in Master Qwan's Mahjongg is limited, you only have 20 minutes to complete a game.


Every matched pair gives 50 points, with potentially a time bonus (maximum 60 points). Clearing the board gives 5,000 points.


Master Qwan's Mahjongg is developed by Zygomatic and was released in Jan 2008. More games developed by Zygomatic are Jolly Jong, Crystal Hexajong, Golden Autumn Mahjong, and Farm Flip Mahjong.


You can reshuffle the board for a 200 points penalty.

Press change background to choose your favourite background.

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