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Nile Tiles is an evolution of the popular mahjong board game, inspired by the Egyptian culture. The tiles are placed on each other in the form of a pyramid and the images on them represent traditional hieroglyphs. The objective is to clear the pyramid by matching identical tiles. A tile can only be selected if it is not blocked on the left or the right, and additionally if no other tiles lie on top of it.

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Nile Tiles rules

  • Game type: Regular Mahjong Solitaire
  • Theme: Egypt
  • Tiles: Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Time limit: no limit


The tiles have images of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. There are no tiles who are worth more or have any special features.


You try to clear the layout by combining two identical tiles. Tiles can only be selected if they are not blocked on the left or on the right by other tiles. In addition, if a tile is underneath other tiles, it can not be selected.

Time Limit

There is no time limit in this game, however the score is determined by the time it takes you to clear the layout. So being fast is still important!


As mentioned above, the time it takes you to clear the layout determines your score. Your score ticks down from 1000 with 1 point per second. Matching a pair of identical tiles increases your score with 100 points. Asking for a Hint decreases your score with 100 points.


Selecting two tiles is simply done by clicking on them with your mouse.

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