Mahjong Strategy

If you don't know the rules and you want to learn to play Mahjong, check out our rules page first. This strategy guide is for Mahjong Solitaire, not for the multiplayer game and its variants such as American Mah Jongg.

How much is luck in Mahjong?

Most computerized versions of mahjongg solitaire make sure that each game has at least one solution. On this page we give you some tips and tricks to ensure you can solve each mahjong deal, even if you are not an experienced player.

How to win at Mahjong?

Keep the following tips in mind when you play the game to maximize your chances of winning a mahjong game:

  • Unblock, unblock, unblock: The most general strategy for playing mahjong solitaire is to always try to unblock as many tiles as possible. When you have multiple moves available, preferably pick the one that results in the most unblocked tiles.
  • Three matching tiles: When you have three open identical tiles, you should remove the pair which results in the most unblocked tiles. This is a more specific application of the rule above.
  • Focus on long rows and tall stacks: When removing tiles as the game progresses, preferably remove tiles from long horizontal rows and tall stacks. When you have a long row, it means only the two tiles at the edges are open, the rest of the tiles in the row are blocked. Similarly for tall stacks, they block all tiles below them.
  • Remove all four: If all four matching mah jongg tiles are open, don't hesitate and remove them all from the layout.
  • Plan ahead: Good players think ahead as many moves as they can. Make sure you don't trap tiles that you need in your next moves.
  • Hints are not solutions: When you are stuck you can ask for a hint in most games, but beware that these hints don't necessarily lead you to a solution. Mostly the computer just shows the first open pair it finds.

How to win at Mahjong Titans?

The Mahjong Titans game on our website is similar to our regular Mahjong game, so you can use the tips and tricks from above to increase your chances at winning at Mahjong Titans.

How to win at Mahjong Connect?

In Mahjong Connect, the most important moves are your first moves. Each tile appears four times (2 pairs), so it's important that you make the "right" pair. If you pick the wrong pair you can end up with an unsolvable board. It's generally best to start from the outer edges. Try to save your hints for later levels.

How to win at Mahjong Dimensions?

You have a limited time in Mahjong Dimensions, so playing fast is important. Don't forget to rotate the board when you don't immediately see a next move. If you are completely stuck, you can use the shuffle button once per level. If you want to maximize your score, you can try to get combo bonuses. You will get a Speed Match Combo (X2) by making a match within 3 seconds of another match. The Multimatch Combo (X5) is awarded when you match the same tiles in a row.