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Mahjong Connect is an evolution of the popular mahjong board game, also sometimes known as Four Rivers or Shisen-Sho. The objective of the game is to match pairs of tiles that reach each other using a path that uses only two (or less) turns. These tiles will then be removed from the layout. The goal is to remove all the tiles from each level.

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Mahjong Connect rules

  • Game type: Shisen-Sho (Mahjong Connect)
  • Tiles: Traditional tiles, changing throughout the levels
  • Time limit: Yes
  • Developer: T45ol


Mahjong Connect is played with the classic mahjong tiles, but there is a twist. Every level the non-suited tiles can vary slightly, and sometimes unique tiles are added.


The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the board. You can match identical tiles if there is a path with at most two turns that connects them.

If you can't see any moves you can use the Hint button up to six times throughout the whole game. After completing a level you get one more hint added, so you really must use them sparingly.

If there are no more moves available the tiles will shuffle themselves automatically without any penalty to you.

One hint is to scan around the edges of the layout for matches.

Time limit

At the bottom of the screen you will notice a bar that represents the timer. You must beat each level before it runs out, however every time you match a pair you will receive some more time.


There are 12 levels in total with each level consisting of different tiles, and changes to the directions that the tiles move after being removed.

In level 1, tiles move upwards (the upper half) and downwards (the bottom half) when they are removed.


You get 10 points for each pair removed. When you complete a level you'll get an additional time bonus.


You can select any visible tile with the mouse, there are no selection restrictions.


Mahjong Connect was released in May 2009 as a Flash game.


There are many variants to this original mahjong connect game. Popular variants are Butterfly Kyodai using tiles with butterfly wings, and Dream Pet Link using tiles with cute animals.

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