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Reversi, or Othello, is the famous strategy board game. Easy to play and hard to master.

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Reversi rules

Reversi, or Othello, is a strategy board game. Another two-player board game on our website is Backgammon.


The dark pieces are yours, and the light pieces are the computer's.

Making the first move, you must place a dark piece on the board, in such a position that there exists at least one straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) line between your new piece and another dark piece, and with one or more contiguous light pieces between them.

After placing your piece, all light pieces lying on a straight line between the new piece and any anchoring dark piece will turn over and are now dark.


The goal of the game is to have a majority of the pieces on the board, by turning over as many of the computer's pieces as possible.

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