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Dream Pet Link is a mahjong connect game featuring tiles with cute animals. Connect identical tiles with paths that have at most two angles. There are nine levels to complete, but beware that you have limited time. Play fast to ensure you don't run out of time, and it will increase your score as well.

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Dream Pet Link rules

  • Game type: Shisen-Sho (Mahjong Connect)
  • Theme: Girl / kids
  • Tiles: Cute animals
  • Time limit: Yes
  • Developer: Spil Games


The tiles used in Dream Pet Link feature cute animals: lions, penguins, sheep, fish, cats, dogs, mice, snakes, horses, and more.

If you want to play mahjong connect with butterfly tiles, check out Butterfly Kyodai.


The rules are similar to the Mahjong Connect rules. Match identical tiles by a path that has at most two angles. Matched tiles are removed from the board.

You finish a level when you remove all tiles from the board. Dream Pet Link has nine levels to complete.

Time Limit

In Dream Pet Link there is a time limit, shown at the top of the game by a bar that shrinks. Every correct match you make, it is partly refilled. If you keep concentrating on finding matches, you should be able to keep playing with enough time left.


For each successful match you get 10 points. At the end of a level, you get a time bonus for the time there is left in your time indicator (2 points per second).


Dream Pet Link is developed by Spil Games.


Use the mouse to select and match blocks.

There is a hint button (magnifying glass). You can use six hints. When you finish a level, you get one additional hint to use.

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