Mahjong Variants

Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire games are using the classic mahjong rules. There are many versions of mahjong solitaire available on our website such as the original version on our website, Classic Mahjong, and Jolly Jong

Mahjong Connect / Shisen-Sho

Shisen-Sho is a Japanese variation of mahjong, also often referred to as Mahjong Connect. In Shisen-Sho you can only pair two tiles that can be reached by a path with at most 2 angles. The tiles are generally laid out in a rectangular grid. Famous Shisen-Sho games are Butterfly Kyodai, Dream Pet Link, and Simpsons Mahjong.

3D Mahjong / Mahjong Dimensions

If you want to add another dimension (pun intended) to mahjong, you can try 3D mahjong. Instead of matching tiles, you match blocks with symbols on them. The most famous game in this category is Mahjong Dimensions.

Triple Mahjong

In Triple Mahjong you have to match three identical tiles instead of two. The other rules remain the same. This makes the searching for matches more difficult and intensive. Often you will find a pair but not the third tile you need.

Mahjong Flip

Mahjong Flip games are regular mahjong solitaire games with a twist. When two tiles are matched, they flip around and have to be matched once more before they are finally removed from the layout.

An example on our website of the mahjong flip type is Farm Flip Mahjongg.

Mahjong Slide

In games of the mahjong slide type you have to match pairs of identical tiles, but instead of selecting them you need to slide them into each other. Most games allow you to slide tiles horizontally and vertically. Tiles slide until they encounter another tile or an edge. Try out Golden Autumn Mahjong if you want to play a game in the mahjong slide category.


Hexajong is played with hexagonal tiles. An hex tile is only available to play if it has at least three sides open that are next to each other. The goal of these games is to match identical hexagonal tiles. In Crystal Hexajong the tiles are colored crystals in the shape of a hexagon.