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Slide the blocks together and try to clear the screen before time runs out.

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Golden Autumn Mahjong rules

Using the ancient mahjong tile set this is a puzzle game where you must slide two matching blocks together to remove them from the screen. This resembles the gameplay of the original Mahjong Slide game.

Enjoy the sweet autumnal atmosphere of game.


Golden Autumn Mahjong has 25 levels. Each time you complete a level you'll see a new background image. Don't let time run out!


Click and hold on one of the blocks, then slide your mouse over the direction that you want it to travel.

Whenever 2 similar blocks are together they are removed from game.

Time limit

Each of the 11 levels has a time limit of 5 minutes which you must beat!


Try to remove all the blocks as quickly as possible to get a speed score bonuses. It's worth thinking about how to efficiently move the blocks so that you can also maximise your time bonus at the end of each level.

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