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Mahjongg Dark Dimensions is a futuristic version of Mahjongg, where the tiles are replaced by blocks and the game is played in a 3D perspective. The goal is to match all the blocks by forming pairs. There is a time limit, so try to be as fast as you can.

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Mahjongg Dark Dimensions rules

  • Game type: 3D Mahjong
  • Theme: Futuristic
  • Tiles: Blocks with symbols
  • Time limit: Yes
  • Developer: Arkadium


In this futuristic version, the ordinary tiles are replaced by 3-dimensional blocks with modern figures on them.


The rules are very similar to the original Mahjong. The goal is to clear all the blocks by matching them. A block can only be selected if there is no block to its left or to its right.

To help you see which blocks are free, click on the arrows below to change your point of view.

Time Limit

The extra challenge in this version is that you have to complete as many levels as possible within 2 minutes. Playing fast is definitely required, however, there is a possibility for a time bonus.

There is a special kind of block called the Timer Tile. These are purple blocks with a time clock on them. If you match two of these blocks, you gain the time indicated on the blocks. Beware, this is a countdown clock, so the faster you can match these blocks, the more time you gain.


For every pair you create, you get 100 points. However, there are a few ways to increase your points.

  • Speed Match Combo: You get a points multiplier if you make another match within 3 seconds from the previous one. Again, being fast is of major importance!
  • Multimatch Combo: You receive bonus points for matching the same figures in a row.
  • Finishing a level: If you clear all the blocks, you also receive a bonus!


Mahjong Dark Dimensions is developed by Arkadium. They also developed Mahjongg Dimensions and Mahjongg Alchemy.


You can select blocks by simply clicking on them. When playing on mobile, just tap on the blocks.

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