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Master Mind is the famous logic-based color puzzle. Think hard and enjoy!

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Mastermind rules

Playing Master Mind requires logical thinking. The computer sets up a code of colored pegs and hides it behind the white pegs on top of the board (duplicates are allowed, so even all pegs of the same color might be possible).


The aim is to break the code in eight or less guesses.

Placing pegs

Clicking on one of the colored pegs at the bottom places a peg on the board, starting at the first row, and from left to right.


Once the row is complete the game will provide feedback:

  • A black peg indicates that one of the guessed pegs is correct both in color and position.
  • A white peg indicates that one of the guess pegs is correct in color but wrong in position.


Mastermind was invented in 1970 by Mordecai Meirowitz.

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