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Triple Mahjong takes the classic board game and adds a little fun twist: match 3 of the same tiles to remove them. You must remove groups of 3 matching tiles and try to clear the layout. There are 40 levels to complete.

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Triple Mahjong rules

Combine 3 free tiles together. Just as in the original Mahjong Solitaire, tiles are free if they have at least 1 free side (left or right) and are not covered by other stones. You can combine any season tiles with any 2 other season tiles, and the same applies to the flower tiles. Flower tiles are have the words ORC, CRYS, PLUM and BAM written on them, so you should be able to easily tell them apart from the season tiles.

You have a limited amount of time to complete a level. If you get stuck you can use the hint button to show you an available move. If there are no more moves left, the game will automatically reshuffle the tiles, although you can reshuffle whenever you like.

As you are playing against the clock, remember to pause the game if you get distracted.

You can easily switch the music by clicking the speaker button in the top right while you are playing.

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