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Mahjong Gardens is a mahjong solitaire game set in a relaxing nature setting, with chirping birds on the background. Clear all 144 tiles from the board to free the birds. The tiles used in this game are the traditional mahjong tiles. The rules are identical to the normal mahjong solitaire rules, but the game has the possibility to ask for a hint and allows three shuffles per game. These are quite helpful when you get stuck during a game. Discover all five layouts this fun mahjong game has to offer!

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Mahjong Gardens rules

  • Game type: Mahjong Solitaire
  • Theme: Nature and Birds
  • Tiles: Traditional tiles
  • Time limit: No
  • Developer: GameYard


The tiles used in the Mahjong Gardens game are the classic mahjong tiles.


Mahjong Gardens offers five different layouts: Classic (Turtle), Arena, Hexagon, Hole, and Ring. Each layout has different characteristics and difficulty, so enjoy discovering them all.

If you want to discover even more layouts, have a look at Jolly Jong.


The goal in Mahjong Gardens is to free the birds by removing all tiles from the board.

Tiles can be removed by matching pairs of identical tiles that are open. A tile is open when at least one of its sides (left or right) is free.

If you are stuck, you can ask for a hint or shuffle the board. Shuffling is only allowed 3 times in a game.

Time Limit

Mahjong Gardens does not have a time limit. Take all the time you want to find matching tiles.

Developer / history

The game is developed by GameYard. It was originally developed in Flash technology, so we are using an emulator (Ruffle) to make it possible to still play the game.


To match and remove two identical tiles, use the left mouse button to select them.

There are some other buttons that you can use:

  • Shuffle: Shuffles the tiles currently on the board, keeping the layout as is. Only allowed three times per game.
  • Hint: Indicates two tiles that can be matched.
  • Pause: Pauses the timer in the upper right corner, use it to make sure your time stops when you are not playing.
  • New Game: Starts a new game.
  • Arrows (bottom left corner: Move around the game.

The tiles left on the board are indicated in the upper left corner of the game.

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