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Mahjong Fortuna is a mahjong solitaire game with a unique horoscope theme. You play against a time limit, but luckily for every match you make you will get some extra time. Playing fast will not only help you to finish a level, but also increase your score. If you are stuck you can use the hint or shuffle button.

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Mahjong Fortuna rules

  • Game type: Mahjong Solitaire
  • Theme: Horoscope
  • Tiles: Horoscope signs
  • Time limit: Yes
  • Developer: GameHouse


The tiles used in Mahjong Fortuna feature Horoscope symbols. There are also special tiles (Flower and Season tiles).


The goal in Mahjong Fortuna is to remove all tiles from the table. As in the regular mahjong solitaire game, you have to match identical tiles. A tile is only available to play when there is no tile above it, and to its left or right.

Time Limit

Mahjong Fortuna has a time limit, shown on the right hand side of the game.

When you make a successful match, you will get a bit of additional time. When you press the hint or shuffle button, your time left will be reduced slightly.


You get 50 points for each match you make. Make multiple matches quickly after each other to gain additional points.


The developer of Mahjong Fortuna is GameHouse.


Select and match tiles using the left mouse button, or tapping the screen.

Use the hint or shuffle button when you are stuck.

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