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This is a fairly unique mahjong game. There are multiple game modes to try, loads of levels and several different patterns for the stones. 50 levels and 3 different types of puzzle gaming goodness await you!

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The Towers of Legend rules

Pair matching tiles together to remove them. Tiles are usable if they have a space to the left or the right of them. Remove all the stones as quickly as possible to win the level.

If you get stuck you have up to 3 shuffles of the board to use to help you. A handy little feature is that the game will tell you how many possible matching pairs you can select, this is located next to the bonus timer and also includes other information such as how many hints you have left, the number of shuffles you have remaining and the number of tiles left.

Game modes

The Towers of Legend has three game modes: Speed, Classic and Memory. You can set which game type you wish to play on the Options screen.

The Classic mode follows the rules of the original mahjong solitaire we all know.

Speed and Classic are pretty similar, except in Speed mode tiles that can't be used are hidden unless you click on them.

In the Memory version of the game you will also have to remember where tiles were located, which can get quite tricky with certain layouts discovered later in the game.


There are 50 levels in total with many different background images.


You receive additional points for making matches quickly which is indicated by the bonus score timer in the bottom left of the game. This gives the game a fair amount of pace if you want it!


Use the mouse to select a usable tiles.

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