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Pet Connect is a mahjong connect game featuring adorable animal-themed tiles, including birds, cats, puppies, and pandas. The gameplay follows the classic Mahjong Connect rules, where players must make pairs of matching tiles by drawing a line between them with at most two right angles and without crossing other tiles. Pet Connect comprises multiple levels, each introducing variations like tile movements and new tile types. A time limit is imposed on each level, with extra time awarded for each successful match, and players earn 10 points for each pair of removed tiles.

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Pet Connect rules

  • Game type: Shisen-Sho (Mahjong Connect)
  • Theme: Pets
  • Tiles: Tiles with cute animals
  • Time limit: Yes
  • Also known as: Pair the Pets


The tiles used in Pet Connect feature cute pet animals such as birds, cats, puppies and pandas.


This game follows the classic Mahjong Connect rules. Make pairs with matching tiles. Two tiles can only be matched if they are the same and you can draw a line between them with at most two right angles, not crossing other tiles.

When you are stuck, you can press the Hint button (or press H). Two tiles that can be connected will get indicated. You only have a limited amount of hints, so only use them when you are really stuck.

When no moves are possible, the tiles will be shuffled automatically.


Pet Connect has several levels, with each level changing slightly. For example, when a hole is created the tiles might move right, left, up or down to fill it up. Each level also introduces new tiles.

Time limit

At the top of the game there is an indicator showing the time you have left to complete a level. For each match you make some additional time is added.


Each pair of tiles that gets removed will earn you 10 points.


Use the left mouse button to select a tile. Or tap a tile when you are on a touchscreen device.

Press P to pause and unpause the game. Or use the Pause button at the top of the game.

Press H to get a hint. Or use the Hint button at the top of the game.

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