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Jolly Jong 2 is the sequel to Jolly Jong, now even more lovely than before.

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Jolly Jong 2 rules

An interesting twist to the classic mahjong game brought to life with lovely graphics and plenty of levels, just like in the original Jolly Jong game.

Remove all pairs of tiles from the board to complete the level. A tile can be removed only if it isn’t blocked by other tiles from its right, left or above. After each move all the tiles are moved to the centre of the screen. So the layout will always change as you play.

As you match tiles you'll notice that you get differing amounts of points each time. The faster you make your matches the more points you will receive.

If you can't make any more matches then you will lose the level and have to retry it. Every level can be completed, and should you fail on a level you can see walk through video that will also take you through it.

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