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Mahjong Tea is a mahjong solitaire game with a tea drinking theme. Try to match all tiles on the board as fast as possible to get the highest score bonus.

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Mahjong Tea rules

  • Game type: Regular Mahjong Solitaire
  • Theme: Tea
  • Tiles: Tiles with symbols related to tea (e.g. spoons)
  • Time limit: No time limit


The tiles used in this Mahjong Solitaire game are related to tea, for example with teapots, lemons, spoons, or other symbols.


There is only one layout in this game, the classic Turtle layout.


Remove all tiles by matching corresponding pairs.

In the bottom right corner of the game you will find the following information:

  • Your current score (punkty)
  • The score bonus remaining
  • The number of tiles left on the board
  • The number of possible moves

Game end

When the game is over, a message in Polish will appear. To start a new game, press the ’Reload game’ button above the game.

Time limit

There is no time limit, but the faster you complete a board the higher the score bonus you will get.


For each correct match of two tiles you get 10 points.

Additionally, there is a score bonus when you complete a game. The bonus starts at 5,000 and is reduced by 5 points every second. This means finishing a game quickly will get you the highest score bonus.

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