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Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty uses the classic mahjong tiles. The objective is to match and remove all tiles from the board. Tiles can be matched if they are the same and have one free side. There are two game modes: 'For Kids' with 32 tiles of the same suit and 'Shanghai' with all 144 tiles in the Turtle layout. There's no time limit or scoring, the goal is to clear the board. The game was originally released by Activision in 1997, recreated in Flash by Petr Mizerov in 2001, and later also recreated in HTML5.

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Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty rules

  • Game type: Mahjong Solitaire
  • Theme: Classic
  • Tiles: Classic tiles
  • Time limit: No


Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty uses the classic mahjong tiles (dots, bamboo, characters, winds, dragons, flowers, and seasons).


The objective is to match and remove all tiles from the board. You can match two tiles if they are the same and both are ‘open’, meaning either their left or right side is free and there is no tile on top of them.

For the flower and season tiles this rule is slightly different. Each flower tile can be matched with one of the other flower tiles. Same for the season tiles.

Unlike the original Mahjong Solitaire game on our website, you cannot undo a move and you cannot ask for a hint.

The game will indicate when there are no more moves, and you will have to start a new game.


Shanghai Dynasty has two game modes: ‘For Kids’ or ‘Shanghai’.

  • For Kids: Only 32 tiles, all from the same suit (e.g. Bamboo or Numbers).
  • Shanghai: All 144 tiles in the classic Turtle layout.

Time limit

There is no time limit in Shanghai Dynasty. You can take all the time you want to think about your next move.


There is no scoring in Shanghai Dynasty. The only objective in the game is to complete a level by removing all tiles from the board.


Select and match tiles by using the left mouse button. Or tap tiles to select them when you are on a touchscreen device.


The first version of Shanghai Dynasty dates back from 1997. It was created by Quicksilver Software and published by Activision for Windows 95 and macOS 7.

The original Flash version of Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty, also the one shown on our website, was developed by Petr Mizerov in 2001. Petr also developed the Mahjong Titans game on our website.

Later, the games website Agame recreated the game using HTML5 technology.

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