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Mahjong Connect Jungle is a Shisen-Sho (Mahjong Connect) game with a jungle theme. Players must find and connect pairs of identical tiles to clear the board within the time limit. There are 10 levels, each with different tile movement directions. There are score bonuses for quick matching.

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Mahjong Connect Jungle rules

  • Game type: Shisen-Sho (Mahjong Connect)
  • Theme: Jungle
  • Tiles: Images of jungle animals, jungle plants, jungle huts, …
  • Time limit: Yes


The tiles used in Mahjong Connect Jungle feature elements related to the jungle. Examples are jungle animals such as monkeys and parrots, jungle plants such as bamboo, jungle huts, …


The goal in Mahjong Connect Jungle is to find and connect pairs of identical tiles, just as in regular Mahjong Connect.

Tiles can only be matched if there is a path between them with at most 2 angles of 90 degrees.

When stuck, you can click on hint. At the start of the game you get 10 hints, and for each completed level you get one additional.


There are 10 levels in Mahjong Connect Jungle. In each level the way that gaps in the board are filled differs:

  • Tiles move down in level 1 and level 8.
  • Tiles move up in level 2, level 5 and level 9.
  • Tiles move left in level 3 and level 6.
  • Tiles move right in level 4, level 7 and level 10.

Time limit

Mahjong Connect Jungle has a time limit indicated at the bottom of the game screen. When matches are made, time is added to the time left.


For each pair of tiles that is connected correctly, players earn 10 points. When multiple matches are made quickly after each other, the score for a match gets increased (x2, x3, x4, …).

At the end of a level players earn a score bonus for the time that is left in the time limit indicator.

This means that the key to getting a high score is making matches quickly!


Use the left mouse button to click and select tiles. On touchscreen devices you can tap the tiles to select and match them.


Mahjong Connect Jungle was developed as a Flash game by Digimist.

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